Functional Herbal Tea

Energize. Synergize. Evolve

Functional Herbal Teas


Functional Tea Blends

Blends of concentrated herbal and botanical extracts, formulated for maximum efficacy

₹ 460.00/-
(50 Servings per pack)

A blend of Ayurvedic Herbs and root extracts, that help improve your breathing, strengthen your lungs and clear infections from sinuses.

₹ 640.00/-
(50 Servings per pack)

A blend of Roots, Herbs and botanicals that cleanse and protect your liver and kidneys and optimise your digestive system.

₹ 350.00/-
(20 Servings per pack)

A blend of naturally invigorating herbs that improves mental focus and helps fight fatigue by increasing energy and endurance.

₹ 730.00/-
(50 Servings per pack)

A Bouquet of indigenous roots and dried flowers that help cleanse your pores and give your smoother more luscious skin.

Synerveda Functional Teas

Synergize with Nature.

Loose Tea blends

A bouquet of indigenous plants, roots and dried flowers blended together to help balance your biological processes

“I’ve had IBS and digestive issues ever since I can remember. I was always afraid to step out or eat out. Detoxy tea has helped me get my life back”

- Ritu B, Delhi.

“This blend tastes soo good!! And my skin has been noticeably better!” 

- Swapnila, Mumbai.

“Perfect for me after a hectic day!! I feel soo much more calm. And more Relaxed!!”

- Rahul Verma, Bangalore.

Want to dig deeper into what makes each of our ingredients 'Functional' and effective?

What is unique about


Synerveda Teas are blends of Functional and medicinal plants.

We use standardised, concentrated extracts for most of our blends. As opposed to whole herb teas, concentrated extracts have higher concentrations of the ‘Active’ component, making the teas more effective and fast acting. 


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